Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pre Post

Aside from being a requirement for graduation I signed up for this particular Jan term for many reasons.
I have been to many of the cities we will be visiting already but feel that when I went as an 18 year old backpacker straight out of high school I did not fully appreciate them.While travelling I heard the phrase "I'm sure I'll come back again." In all likelihood you won't.  This is my chance to go back and do many things I was too drunk or too ignorant of to do. This is also a bit of a graduation present to myself. I will be done with college this semester and I thought a quick trip around central Europe would be a nice way to go out.
I had also considered taking the theater themed course that is situated in England and the trip to Israel but I have spent lots of time in England and have other travel plans to go back to the middle east. I went with Central Europe because there is more variety in the activities and many more nerdy historical things I can learn about. Another reason, but not a central one, is that logistically it made sense. I'm already in the area and while its very tempting to go to Belize or China for January, staying around Europe was a bit more practical.
I have to fly into Berlin a day earlier than the group but I don't think I will have a problem entertaining myself. Berlin boasts a vast cultural landscape. I think I will use my time to go to the Neues museum to see the Nefertiti bust before she gets shipped back to Egypt! I am also excited to be traveling again. I have chronic itchy feet and a debilitating case of wanderlust. Perhaps this trip will help alleviate some of the symptoms...